Wednesday 24 November 2010

THINK: Community Payback for all?

This morning I saw a team if people picking up rubbish. They had 'Community Payback' written on their yellow vests and I'm guessing they were there because of their crimes.

But it got me thinking. Why is it only necessary for 'naughty' folks to 'payback' to the community. It seems to me that many people are extremely disconnected from their local communities. What if for a few hours a week it was compulsory to 'payback' or even 'invest' in your local community. Now I'm not a big fan of heavy handed state legislation but surely this would help to solve a lot of our modern day problems.

Reconnecting and helping the local community could lead to less litter, less loneliness, less crime, less pointless travel, less tv watching, more interesting activities, more local business, more art, more tolerance and understanding, more of a sense of a real community that helps and supports itself, the benefits would go on and on. Just a thought really.

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