Thursday 22 March 2012

The Meaning of Life? (part 1)

A message I wrote to my Facebook friends that they seemed to like..

"A few people seem pissed off this morning.

It's so easy to feel that way, we're all humans (well most of us) and our brains are programmed to want more. But just think about this...

The fact that some carbon atoms that came from a star randomly arranged themselves into 'you', and you're alive right now, in this time of abundance, in the first-world country you live, with the knowledge and abilities you already have, and the top-of-food-chain body & brain you have is sooooooooooooo improbable that it's insanely amazing. In fact you've already 'won', you've already got more than you can possibly imagine.

It's unlikely you will ever have to kill anyone, or that you will starve or have your home destroyed.

You can travel anywhere, learn anything, eat whatever you please, communicate with people all over the world, do almost anything you could dream, create the life you want to live.

And you will die, and it might be sooner than you think. And everything you ever 'achieve' in this tiny corner of the universe will eventually be wiped out by time, like a wave that crashes onto a beach and washes everything away.

Just think about this...
Today, right at this very second and for a incredibly tiny period of time in the history of the universe you are alive. Nothing else matters. So fuck everything else and relax and enjoy this amazing gift."

Coming soon - The Meaning of Life? (part 2)