Thursday 24 March 2011

4 Hour Body experiment - final report

OK so it's a bit late, yes I'm sorry, but here's the final report after my 5 week use of the 'Occum Protocol' in the new Tim Ferriss book The 4-Hour Body. My goal was to increase my weight from below 69kg to above 75kg in 5 weeks by adding muscle not fat.

In the end I made it to 74.7kg, just 300g off my target weight. Soooo close, and in no way a failure. Putting on over 6kg in 5 weeks is still impressive in anyone's book. In fact looking at the graph the only period where I dropped some weight and then failed to gain, was during a trip to Glasgow where I didn't have access to as much food or goats milk as I should have been consuming. As a sidenote I also now feel significantly stronger and am now pushing much higher weights than before I started.

So basically that's it, if you stick with the programme it works! 
There's more details in the last two posts:
Thanks to Tim for putting together a really simple and effective diet and exercise plan.
And thanks to the guys at Pareto Nutrition for supplying me with PAGG for the final two weeks.

Have fun with your own experiments! My next mission is strength, so onto the next chapters in the book. All the best, Michael.