Thursday 27 January 2011

Don't censor yourself

Blogging is great. If you don't already do it you should give it a try. Everyone seems to have a unique story to tell or an interesting point of view on the world, and blogging about it attracts people who have similar interests or views as you do.

Many people tell me they would love to blog but don't feel like they have anything to say or they just don't want to put anything out because whatever they write isn't quite perfect.

The simple answer to this is 'don't censor yourself'! 

We all do it each and everyday, some more than others. We think about what might happen if we say something wrong. Sometimes we are so hesitant that we miss the moment completely. I did this yesterday at lunch when I overheard two chaps on the next table talking about setting up an online social enterprise in an area that I know very well. I kept my mouth closed and probably missed out on making two new contacts and who knows what other adventures.

Yes we sometimes have to censor ourselves for self preservation! But is that little Mary Whitehouse in our heads a little bit too in control of what we are doing? Is she holding us back?

For some reason, I'm finding it hard to blog as often as I'd like. There's a number of topics that I want to discuss such as sleep patterns, travel plans, getting fit etc.. but I seem to be procrastinating by worrying that I need to research more. The censors have taken over!

So my mission for the next few days is to stop censoring myself, speak up more, write more, basically have a taste of my own medicine and get on with the adventure.


  1. Mind Notes Pt.4 'Square Pegs'

    Play the game... work hard - play hard... live for the weekend...
    Keep your head down... don't rock the boat... when in Rome...
    So is that what it's all about then?
    Is this really worth it?
    Somehow how I don't think so?!?

    Living double lives is a bizarre concept, but so many people do it everyday...
    The professional during the weekdays and the personal on evenings and weekends...
    People spending day after day pretending to be what people expect them to be...
    But surely if you spend so much of your life pretending to be someone else, it must be hard to know who you really are???

    All the ideas, inspirations, thoughts, feelings and urges which we suppress daily are our true selves - so if we constantly suppress our true selves then are we really ourselves?
    If a lot of the time you don't act like you, then are you really you?
    If we never express our own thoughts or feelings then how long can we hold onto them without them getting lost? How long can we suppress our dreams before they fade away?

    Is it our fault if we succumb to the machine and just become another cog?
    If the world is all round cogs, then what do we do with our square pegs?
    Do we shove our square pegs into a draw in the back room of our conscience and tell ourselves we will come back to them later? But then does later ever come???

    We can say "I'll do it tomorrow" as many times as we want and never actually do anything!


    We can say "Today IS the day"!
    We can say "I AM ME & I WILL BE ME"!

    We can take our square pegs and shove them in-between all the round cogs and watch it all grind to a halt!

    If we can find ways to embrace our square pegs and let them free into the lives of other people and into the world, then we will start to truly be ourselves! Whether it's your hobbies, your interests, your activities, your artistic or creative talents, your passions or your points of view, if you can embrace and express these openly and without fear of persecution you will begin to enable yourself to be truly free!

    Freedom is in the mind!!!

    The machine can dictate where, when, how and what you do - but it cannot dictate your thoughts - although they try... they try... propaganda... social conditioning... promoting hate and division...

    But in the end - your thoughts are yours! The machine will always try to influence your thoughts so they keep spinning like corporate cogs, but ultimately it is your decision how you choose to view life and the world we live in!

    So be careful with with your square pegs - your thoughts, feelings, ideas and inspirations - don't take them lightly - don't pass them off as things that you can't embrace or do, or as things that will never happen...

    Because things happen everyday... people achieve and embrace things everyday... small and BIG dreams come true everyday! But unless you can recognise, embrace and hold onto your square pegs, they will have no power!

    So hold tight...
    Be powerful within your own self... Be powerful within your own mind...

    Allow yourself to recognise that even if your square pegs don't fit into the machine...
    They are YOUR square pegs...
    They ARE important...


    So be YOU, because YOU are the only YOU that exists!!!



  2. Awesome comment SuperStead!!!