Monday 8 November 2010

Calling designers! Bored? Want to get involved in something fun and different?

Calling all designers (or friends of designers)...

Do you fancy getting involved in something a bit different? Are you getting bored of what you are doing? Too much corporate work, or maybe working for people who just don't appreciate you or let you show off your talents. Are you still studying, or maybe just finished and looking for some experience. Are you in between jobs or working but not really enjoying it?

Life to the maximum might just be able to help.

What's on offer
A chance to be really creative, be in control, do something different, go in exciting new directions and do some stunning and meaningful work. Break out of what you're doing right now and use your talent for good. Work with some interesting and highly experienced people. Maybe even be part of a team that helps to change the world.

I'm currently developing a number of projects that need to be visually brought to life online and offline. The projects aren't for clients, you would be in charge of the creative direction and design execution giving you a chance to really show what you can do without any 'client feedback' getting in the way. You would be a key member of the team and be involved in the big decisions. You would be creating real things. At the moment live projects include work for charity, branding and developing intellectual property, online and app based businesses and training materials.

You might not get rich instantly
We don't have a huge amount of funding right now. Charity projects are being done for free. Some projects will earn money and anyone involved will take a share in the money of course. Some projects have the potential to make a lot of money and again that would be split across the team. I need to be clear though that the primary motivation behind these projects isn't to make money, so although we might all get rich,that's not the main aim. If you want to get paid per day and be told what to do then this isn't for you.

You will have fun, join a growing team, learn lots and do some good
If you do want to be part of something fresh, new and exciting then this is for you. The aim is to have fun, learn by experimentation and hopefully do some good in the process. Everyone involved will benefit, and you'd be in from the start. If that sounds interesting at all then email me.

It doesn't matter if you already have a day job or can only work certain hours, this can be very flexible.

Take action now, email me
The greatest journey starts with the first step. Joining a small but growing band of life adventurers who want to stir things up and do things differently might be just the thing you need to put a new surge of excitement nto your life.

To get in contact email me at with a few links or examples of any work you have done, what you can do and what you're interested in getting out of this. You can always pull out if it's not for you. What have you got to lose?


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