Tuesday 4 January 2011

2011 begins: How's your first day back at work?

For many of you today will be the first day back at work in 2011...

I congratulate you if you're excited by this, if you feel joy in your work and if you truly believe that what you're doing with your time is a good use of the small and finite amount of time that you have left. That's an awesome achievement, you should be incredibly proud and grateful!

If on the other hand you loath being back, you had the commute from hell, you've sat in your first pointless meeting, you don't understand why you're doing this (again), then stop and think before you carry on with the madness.

Question why you are back at work.
Question why you need to earn even more money this year.
Question what you are spending this money on.
Question if it actually makes you happy.
Question what you do.
Question why you do what you do.
Question why your company is doing what it is doing.
Question if they are good or bad.
Question who you are really making rich.
Question if they are even really happy.
Question if you are excited by what you do.
Question if you are using your skills to achieve anything beyond money or making other people money.

Think about what you would rather be doing right now.
Think about what amazing things you could be doing if you had an extra 50 hours per week.
Then question why you aren't doing it now.
Then stop making excuses and stop procrastinating and go do it now.

You get one shot at life (as far as anyone knows).
2011 could be an amazing year for you, but only if you make it amazing, do it.

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