Saturday 11 December 2010

BUSINESS: Introducing The Bulb Club

Following on from my last post I’d like to tell you more about The Bulb Club. As you know my loose goals include being more creative, increasing connections and collaboration, starting a business and achieving a target monthly income.

The Bulb Club is a club / social framework for achieving these goals. What I’ve realised is that it’s actually more fun and energising (for me at least) to work with other people. I believe that small, nimble, practical, skilled teams can be incredibly productive. What I don’t believe in (well it doesn’t work for me) is fixed working hours, pointless meetings, too much talk, commuting, interruptions, big teams, lack of focus, lack of ethics or higher values etc.. things that many companies often suffer from.

So how does it work?

In a nutshell BulbClub is like-minded folks working together to bring their (hopefully) great ideas to life, making mistakes, learning and sharing. We get together in the real world once or twice a week in a nice space, the rest of the time we collaborate online from anywhere. There’s a focus on less talking and more doing, rapid testing, and using data generated from low-cost experiments to steer idea development. We actually make things! We’re stealing a lot from the ‘agile’ methodology and we’re infusing it with a social and morale compass. It’s the antithesis of the large corporate structure where decisions are often made by committee, risk taking is sparse, and the aim is to make the shareholders rich. We’re bored of all that.

Right now we’re prototyping our first idea which is already getting a lot of interest. More importantly we’re planning to make our journey and the evolving process totally open-source so others can use our templates to rapidly bring their own ideas to life. And we wan’t to make sure everything we work on (and don’t work on) is defined by a set of higher values so we avoid spawning another money driven and destructive company into the world. We’ve even decided to write a manifesto!

Maybe this sounds interesting?

We’re looking for collaborators, in particular people with technical and/or design skills. If you’d like to get involved, come to a Bulb Club meetup, or just want to know more then I’d love you to drop me a line via the homepage.

All the best,

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